filled flavors

chocolate vanilla- dark chocolate cake with a vanilla bean cream center, topped with dark chocolate ganache and a white chocolate curlique

vanilla caramel (a customer favorite)-toffee flecked vanilla cake filled with caramel cream, topped with cream cheese icing, caramel drizzle and a homemade toffee wedge

chocolate peanut butter- sweet chocolate cake with a peanut butter cream center, topped with milk chocolate ganache and two baby peanut butter cups

classic flavors 

red velvet (a southern tradition)- classic southern chocolate buttermilk cake topped with cream cream icing

vanilla chocolate- sweet vanilla cake topped with milk chocolate fudge icing and chocolate sprinkles

coconut- coconut cake topped with almond cream cheese icing and sweetened flaked coconut

banana cream- sweet vanilla cake with fresh sliced bananas under banana cream and topped with a ‘nilla wafer

sprinkle explosion- vanilla cake infused with sprinkles, topped with vanilla buttercream and more sprinkles!

dirt cake-chocolate cake with an oreo cream filling, topped with chocolate cream icing, oreo cookie crumbles and a gummy worm

mocha-chocolate cake topped with mocha buttercream icing, garnished with cocoa powder and a dark chocolate espresso bean

seasonal special 

weekly special

download a printable menu here